• IVC Spring conference

    The 4th Industrial Revolution (Columbia University)

    About the Conference

    The Ivy Conference in Spring 2020 would be held at Columbia University, on the topic "Industrial Revolution 4.0: Reimagining the Future" on 11th and 12th April 2020. This conference would be the first conference to be held in Columbia after almost half a decade and is expected to be a 2-day long event of exciting keynote speeches, discussion sessions, and networking events. The conference is being held with almost 10 partner clubs and departments at Columbia and would include discussions sessions on topics such as "Applications of Big Data", "Philosophy of Technology", "Health in the Digital Age", "Investing in the future with focus on 3D printing and Cloud Computing" among others by experts and student leaders on campus. The keynote speeches would feature topics that would be focused on the future of industries, how technology is impacting them, and how students can carve a niche for themselves in this transforming world. This is a unique opportunity that is catered towards a diverse range of interests that any students or might have and is an excellent platform to learn about the future and how one can carve a niche for themselves inside the same.